Why Our Tiger Prawns

In line with MP’s motto of Go Green, Go Clean, we successfully ventured into shrimp farming through our subsidiary, Naturale Aqua Biotech Sdn. Bhd. (NABSB).
Our team members have decades of combined experience in pioneering shrimp farming, actively researching shrimp farming.  It is one of the very few shrimp farming companies in Malaysia which applies the Bio Technology system and employs the principle of environmental-friendliness, emphasizing the biodegradable, chemicals-free, antibiotics-free and non-toxic technology in the shrimp farming industry.
In addition, NABSB is the strategic distribution partner of Timcare Biotech Sdn Bhd, who is the manufacturer of Bionic Shrimp, a unique water & soil probiotics for high stocking density.  Our distribution network reaches out regionally to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
How Uniquely Green Is Our Shrimp Farming?
The shrimp production in the Malaysian market is 40,000 to 50,000 metric tons yearly, which is currently under supply NABSB identified this demand-supply gap by operating shrimp farms with the aforesaid cutting-edge technology environmentally friendly techniques.
Our 34-acre shrimp farm with 24 shrimp breeding ponds is strategically located in Banting, Selangor state, Malaysia, near the seashore with a water source of higher salinity for harvesting tastier prawns.

Our shrimp ponds are built and operated revolving the 3 components - Bio Technology, Water Quality Control and Shrimp Growth Rate.
Bio Technology
To ensure our ponds are free from toxins, chemicals and antibiotics for growing healthier and superior shrimps, we use Bionic Shrimp and Submersible Ball to degrade the sludge at the bottom of the shrimp ponds and improve the overall water quality.
Materials are digested by Bionic Shrimp to produce simple compounds including nucleotides, amino acids and rice bran to support the growth of Zooplankton, which would feed the shrimp fry in the first week following the stocking.
With our advanced Bio Technology, the wastes from the shrimp ponds are biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.
Water Quality Control
Our proprietary water treatment technology helps maintain a sustainable survival rate of shrimps.  We conduct laboratory tests to detect any viruses or diseases in the pond water.
Our daily water quality maintenance is utmost important to growing healthy shrimps.  We monitor

  • pH level
  • Oxygen level
  • Ammonia level
  • Alkalinity
  • Salinity
  • Nitrite level

We adopt a semi recirculating aquaculture system (SRAS) where the culture water is purified and reused continuously.  It is an almost completely closed circuit. The produced waste products, solid waste, ammonium and carbon dioxide (CO2), are either removed or converted into non-toxic products by the system components.  We use Enzyme Probiotics to reduce solid waste, ammonia and CO2.  The water is recirculated back into ponds for further usage instead of flushing out to the sea.
Shrimp Growth Rate
To maintain the high survival rate of our shrimps, we must protect the hepatopancreas - the most important organ of the shrimps with multiple functions of digestion and absorption, immunity, hematopoietic and detoxification.
We use Active-D, a poly herbal formulation with Hepatoprotective with a broad spectrum of immunity stimulation, antimicrobial and antioxidative activities. It increases production of digestive enzymes and prevents various diseases and infections for optimal shrimp growth.
Our shrimp farm’s Biofloc System is to reduce diseases, bacteria and viruses to increase harvest rate with healthier prawns.