About Our Tiger Prawns

Naturale Biotech Management Sdn Bhd had 12 years experiences in shrimp farming industry. Our vision is to become the most competitive, leading, modern and sustainable shrimp farming company in South East Asia. We are the one and only shrimp farming company in Malaysia who is applying the principle of environmentally friendly and emphasising the biodegradable and non-toxic technology in shrimp farming industry.

We also are the pioneer manufacturer and supplier of Bionic Shrimp products in the region. Recently we are striving to reinforce our R&D capabilities in developing our in-house products and services to the aqua ecosystem, in order to meet the crucial needs in relation to the water treatment technology, to improve the immunity system of shrimp and strengthen the Hepatoprotevtive to boost growth rate of shrimp farming.
We, a pioneer of shrimp farming company in Malaysia with our expertise in managing and operating shrimp farming project. We emphasis on three key principles: Chemical Free, Antibiotic Free and Environment Friendly, which make us a difference from others shrimp farmers.

We focus on daily water testing to ensure our shrimps are growing in a healthy environment. We also splitting the pond into few small ponds to comply with our risk management strategy, which is to diversify the risk and professionally manage with each pond.

We place a lot of emphasis on aquaculture, a most environmentally friendly way of producing shrimp at a commercially viable level.
Bionic Shrimp is technique of raising the shrimp in a unique water and soil probiotic that are able to decrease and control the growing of the blue green algae and pathogenic micro-organisms which may pose a threat to the shrimp, to stabilise the water pH and subsequently improve the water quality, to increase the oxygen level in the water, to decomposes fertilizer and to releases beneficial metabolite substances.
We are collaborate with our strategic partners, the famous Mr.Huu's Farm in Vitnam and Manjong(E.M Group) in Malaysia to ensure our continuous development in trading of the shrimp farming related products to the targeted overseas market such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and USA.
We are the sole distributor of Timecare Biotech Sdn Bhd, who is the first enzyme technology manufacturer that obtained Multiple High Standard certifications from various laboratories that acknowledged its products in terms of efficacy and zero pollution emission. We supply shrimps to local markets over the Peninsular Malaysia and we are heading towards to extend our market to East Malaysia.
We are concern in the environmental protection issue, and we have mitigated the environmental impacts by applying the Bio Technology system. We are the only company with the Bio Technology system that applies chemical free, antibiotic free and environment friendly in its shrimp farming operation in Malaysia while abating adverse environmental impacts on estuarine systems.
  1. Expand our business to overseas countries, such as China, Korea, Japan and USA.

  2. Develop the online distribution channels, such as the E-commerce to give a great exposure to our products.

  3. Acquisition of an approximately 1,000 acres land for shrimp farming (200 open ponds) by 2022.

  4. Develop as the only shrimp farm in Malaysia and to increase our sales by 30%.

  5. Promote Eco tourism by building an Aqua Museum with the demonstration of shrimp farming.

  6. Complete the full liner for all ponds for high density of production and to reduce the risk of shrimp diseases.

  7. Joint venture with EM Group for the developing on the stronger shrimp flies breeding.

  8. Co-operate with Aquaculture University Malaysia in providing trainings and job opportunities to the students.

  9. Constructing fully integrated indoor shrimp farm that will optimize the number of man power and increase the survival rate of fry (by 80% – 85%)

  10. To own a hatchery that can produce enough fry for own consumption and to supply to local market demand.